Water, Gas and Soil

Biosensors are a important components of smart sensing solutions. Linxens Healthcare is offering a diversity of sensors to accurately monitor environment contamination and composition. With environmental health being directly connected to human and animal health, there is an increased need for environment monitoring through innovative and effective solution that help the population to live in a safer environment.

Water Testing

Water is a critical resource that requires accurate and cost-effective sensors for rapid identification of key parameters to assess its quality

Gas Sensors

Linxens Healthcare Gas Sensors have brought a revolution offering innovative, simple-to-use and cost-effective sensors that can be “trained” to detect any molecule in a defined environment.

Soil Testing

Agriculture and Industrial activities have lead to important soil contamination in some regions. The capacity to detect and accurately quantify the presence of key elements such as electrolytes, heavy metals or metabolites is essential in supporting and ensuring the environment for the population.

Typical solutions include

Biosensors such as nickel/gold, carbon or Ag/AgCl electrodes
are commonly used in bioanalysis.

Linxens has long lasting experience in designing and manufacturing on reel-to-reel medical grade electrochemical sensors for multiple applications such as chronic diseases , infectious diseases or water analysis.
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Micro fluidic chips
For IVD´s we can offer cover layers with hydrophilic or hydrophobic adhesives. The adhesives can also be partially placed.
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Integrated security solutions
Nile can offer a variety of different security solutions as:

  • Including 3D micro optical material

  • Including holographic material

  • Tamper functions

  • Tamper functions with tear open functions

  • Solutions including RFID

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