Printed Electronics

Printed electronics contain several layers with different materials and functions. With conductive, dielectric and graphical prints, electronics has a totally new potential. You can have an almost endless number of printed layers on a wide variety of materials.

Printed Electronics

Printed electronics can offer completely new solutions in various fields, such as Healthcare (with wearables and point-of-care as examples), IoT, Industry 4.0 RFID antennas, and smart packaging.

With our printing and converting capabilities, we can print almost endless number of layers on almost any type of material from 12µm-2mm thickness.
Layer 1
Siliconized liner (transparent PET 50μ).
Layer 2
Stiffener white PET 125μ.
Layer 3
Transparent adhesive.
Layer 4
Partial placed adhesive, only where the adhesive is needed. Fully partial in X & Y.
Layer 5
Baslayer of the electrode. Can be a stiff or a flexible polymer. Flexible electrodes with PU base can be combined with silver ink for flexible applications.
Layer 6
Conductive layer. Here etched copper but can be printed silver or etched aluminium, depending on the requirement.
Layer 7
Dielectric ink. Various colours can be offered.

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