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Do not let electrode fouling be the enemy of bioanalysis

Electrochemical biosensors are one of the best choices for the sensing of biomarkers due to their high performance, low cost, miniaturization, and wide applicability. However, like for any sensing
2023.06.20 Read more

Healthcare: what are the benefits of wearable devices?

Strong transformations have happened in recent years. Covid outbreak had a tremendous impact on our lives and our practices, encouraging and accelerating technological and social changes at many
2023.06.20 Read more

RFID: The future of smart labelling?

Are cloud-based registries that use radio frequency identification (RFID) to track drug supply truly providing a value-add compared with other alternatives? The pharmaceutical industry began using
2023.06.20 Read more

How telemedicine could become the key to home care

Guest column by Yvan Malépart, Senior Vice President Global Sales and Marketing, Linxens Telemedicine, or remote medical monitoring, allows a healthcare professional to remotely interpret the data
2022.10.06 Read more

Linxens electrodes: A cost-effective & high-quality alternative to standard gold electrodes

The Point-of-Care market is facing an increased need for mass volume solutions to generalize patient monitoring. Thanks to its reel-to-reel manufacturing and know-how capabilities, Linxens is able to
2022.07.26 Read more
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