Security Solutions

Protection against counterfeiting and authenticating products and brands is a global challenge. That challenge is met with 3D micro-optical security labels, RFID solutions, anti-tampering protection and security seal labels. All solutions can be developed for and customized to your specific needs.

Security Solutions

3D Micro-optical Products Micro optics is a revolutionary technology, providing new levels of security. The overt features are highly-visible 3D floating images that are virtually impossible to replicate. Since micro-optics are very easy to authenticate without special lighting or tools, it is now possible for consumers to quickly verify a product´s authenticity. Also, covert features such as microtexts or hidden images can be integrated into the material.

When micro-optics are combined with Nile’s advanced converting capabilities, unique and secure solutions for different applications can be created. Standard as well as customized security design patterns are available. Combined with special void adhesives or security slits mean it is not possible to remove and re-apply the product. Based on 3D micro-optical material, we offer a variety of solutions for authentication and anti-tampering.

The products can be used at different levels

  • Directly on the product

  • On the packaging

  • As a security seal or warranty seal

Design guidelines

The 3D micro-optical material offers unique features. But in order to get the best effect, each product has to be customized.

We can offer multiple solutions for your needs

You don’t need to have it all figured out before contacting us. We are your creative partner that will help you from the very beginning of the process of making the best solutions for your needs.
3D Secure Label
The 3D Secure Label provides a full 3D effect on entire labels.
Independent of the 3D pattern, any print can be added to the label, based on screen printing or UV inkjet technology.
Variable codes can also be integrated onto the label.
Linxens Healthcare also offers customized void print on the backside, so if the label is tampered with, it leaves a visual footprint that it has been removed and re-applied.
This tamper-proof label construction is the perfect solution to the EU’s new “Falsified Medicines Directive” 2011/62/EU.
3D Duo Label
The 3D Duo-Label solution offers a partial 3D effect. The 3D label can be placed anywhere on or under a cut-out window of a standard base label. This enables integrating full security on bigger labels.
3D Cap-seal
The 3D Cap-Seal solution has a partial 3D window. Placed on the area where the cap faces the bottle’s neck, it becomes a secure seal. The cap cannot be opened without a visual sign appearing. The base label can be made out of any label stock material combined with any print.
3D Hang-Tag
The 3D Hang-Tag solution tags valuable items by enclosing the product. The tag is self- adhesive and is available on a roll or as single tags. The authentic tag is designed to be removed after the product’s purchase. Only then can best performance be achieved.
3D Apparel-Tag
Counterfeit clothing can be difficult to detect. Now, with our new 3D Apparel-Tag solution for apparel and garments, it is easy to detect if an item is counterfeit or genuine. The tag can be stitched onto one side as a flag tag or stitched completely around. The 3D Apparel-Tag is designed to withstand daily use and washings up to 90° Celsius. The tags are available on a roll or as a single item.
3D Pharma-Seal
Counterfeit medicines can be difficult to detect and can pose serious health and safety risks for consumers. The 3D Pharma-Seal is a seal solution for pharma applications.
Through its special multi-layer structure, several important properties are achieved.

  • A visual indication of the product’s security and authenticity via the 3D effect.

  • Cannot be opened without providing a visual signal.

  • Does not leave a footprint once removed.

Customized Security Seal Labels
Linxens Healthcare has developed a completely new platform for labels with a security seal function. As the entire construction is done in-house, we can customize the product to each specification.

Advantages above other products on market

  • No need to source the customized “void” material with high MOQ’s and expensive tool costs.

  • We can customize any security seal pattern.

  • We can place the pattern in register with the complete label.

  • Directly on the product

  • Any color can be done.

  • We can also create color shift features.

  • We can do defined printed security areas on a transparent label so that important text will not be covered up. The label also includes the security seal function.

  • Adhesives on the label can be customized for each application as well as partially placed and combined with re sealable adhesive.

  • The technology can be combined with the RO 3D material.

This means that the final product ensures that the product cannot be counterfeit nor can it be removed and reapplied.
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