Linxens healthcare proposes a diversity of customized biosensors to capture signals from multiple sources based on your needs. Our electrochemical and physicochemical sensors can be customized, from design to selection of the metals, assembly and mass production, all being part of our unique service offering we provide you.

Example of an electrochemical sensor

Each biosensor has a specific design and intended purpose. Based on the analyte to capture the media, the design and assembly will be different.
Layer 1
Polyimid substrate
Layer 2
Copper layer chemically patterned to the desired design
Layer 3
Electrodeposited nickel layer
Layer 4
Electrodeposited gold layer

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Linxens designs and manufactures flexible custom electrodes to be implemented into rapid testing strategies for medical applications, healthcare and environment testing.


Off the shelf Electrochemical Sensor



For cost-effective and rapid testing, Linxens Healthcare proposes non-functionalized electrochemical sensors that can be directly ordered.

Custom Design Electrochemical Sensor

Each project is unique and requires specifically designed sensors. Our teams can onboard your project from design to mass volume production to match performance, quality and cost requirements.

Our electrochemical sensors present different construction and plating possibilities:

• Precious metal electrodes (gold, plantinium, silver, …)
• Up to 50µm thickness
• Different flexible substrate (Polyimide, PET, VEP, …)

Physicochemical Sensors


Linxens Healhtcare has developed unique physicochemical sensors for simple integration into testing devices.
Linxens proposes ready to be implemented sensors such as :
• pH
• Pressure
• Temperature
• Conductivity
• Chemiresistivity
• SpO²

Typical Applications


• Point-of-Care testing
• Remote Monitoring
• Sweat analysis
• Water, gaz and soil monitoring

Electronic circuit design


FCB single sided with blind hole

Laser opening or cutting

Chemical etching

Fine pitch flexible printed circuits

FPCB double sided with via

Molding, overmolding & encapsulation

Electroplating (Ni, Au, Pd, Pt, Ag)

Selective plating

Via copper plating

soldermask or coverlay deposition

Electrode functionalisation

Testing & personalisation

Mass production

Your project requires a custom Design for your needs

The earlier we are involved in the project, the more we can help to design the most suitable, reliable and cost-effective product. That match your needs.
Diversity of Electrodes and Plating
Each project requires customized needs. Depending on the analyte, the media and the outcome expected, we can design very unique electrodes with different materials (nickel/gold, platinium, Ag/AgCl, Carbon, …) depending the sample be tested and testing strategy:
–       Blood
–       Serum/plasma
–       Water
–       Single test
–       Long term monitoring
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Ag & Ag/AgCl Electrode Reel-to-reel transducer
Electrodes based on Ag/AgCl are a suitable biocompatible material, safe for use in medical devices. Its high conductivity makes it ideal for use in devices that require accurate and reliable electrical measurements. Combined with Linxens reel-to-reel capabilities, it is even more cost effective.
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Mass production
Linxens has manufactured more hundreds of millions of biosensors for medical. We have the industrial capabilities for mass production around the globe to meet and secure all the demands.
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Microfluidics chips
For IVD´s we can offer cover layers with hydrophilic or hydrophobic adhesives. The adhesives can also be partially placed.
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Key Industrial capabilities
Typical Biosensor & Sensor products that we offer are:

  • Electronic Circuit Design

  • Lamination

  • FPCB Single sided with blind hole

  • FPCB Double sided with Via

  • Laser Opening or Cutting

  • Chemical Etching

  • Fine Pitch Flexible Printed Circuits

  • Molding, Overmolding and encapsulation

  • Electroplating (Ni, Au, Pd, Pt, Ag)

  • Selective Plating

  • Via Copper Plating

  • Soldermask and Coverlay deposition

  • Electrode functionalization

  • Testing & Perosnnalization

  • Mass Production

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