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Sports & Cosmetics

Our stick-to-skin solutions and our biosensors offer an infinite potential of possibilities to quickly develop and launch customized solutions. Nile keeps focus on both the technological and industrial needs to ensure your commercial success.

Sports Market

Linxens Healthcare has developed unique technologies through our sensors, skin adhesive and microfluidics innovative solutions.

We can build custom solutions to meet constraints when practicing sports. Flexibility, stretchability, sweat collection, metabolite and electrolyte analysis and more. These are only a few of the capabilities we can include into your solutions.


Even the cosmetic market can benefit from our expertise in smart patch and biosensors.

Our unique technologies provide solutions to stimulate or analyze the skin, opening windows of possibilities for cosmetic industries and their customers.

Typical solutions include

Cover labels with partial adhesives
We are not a std label provider. But we can do very special labels, Specialty labels with or without print that is aimed to serve special functions on the product. The ability to put adhesive partially literally where it is needed means that very special functions can be achieved.
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Labels with integrated RFID
NILE is a proven world leader in providing high volumes to the pharma and diagnostic industry.

The technology are the same as for other industries but the conditions and demands are far more comprehensive.

“Zero failure”, 100% control, 100% performance test, 100% good tags on the reel, test and documentation are unique in Pharma and Diagnostic industry.

Adding RFID technology into diagnostic self-adhesive layers or labels offers

  • A eye of sight free reading

  • Re programable features in production.

  • Originality and security features

  • Multi reading and highspeed reading

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Multilayer construction
Our ability to almost add any number of layers together that has different shapes and materials gives the customer the freedom to design very special solutions.
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Complex die cut shapes and holes
As a highly technical converter we can die cut products and labels with very complex shapes and holes. That gives the customer a greater freedom to create solutions for the needed application.
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Specialty liner solutions
To have the die-cut product performing optimal right liner are important for the customer while processing the products. NILE can offer liners with:

  • Silicone placed partially

  • Liners with added print

  • Any color on the liner

  • A huge variety of release values, also liners with no silicone.

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