Manufacturing Industries

As a contract manufacturer, we manufacture specially printed electronic components for and in consultation with our customers. By choosing components best suited for the customized solution, we can manufacture multi-layered, cost-effective products.

Manufacturing Industries

We print and convert sensors, electrodes, displays, etc. As the need for cheaper and disposable electronics increases, the production methods need to evolve as well. Often less advanced flex PCBs can be used, meaning the flex can be cheaper and produced roll-to-roll. Then, the electronic pattern can be printed instead of photo imaged, resulting in a faster/cheaper process.

When conductive glue can be used rather than traditional soldering, the base material that can be used can be much cheaper. There are many potential cost savings if the spec of the flex PCB can be lower.

To provide a final solution, the product often needs to be combined with other converted layers. Our special ability to combine printed electronics with multilayer build-up is unique and offers a high freedom of construction.

If you are in the start-up phase where development support and prototypes are needed or in the high-volume supply phase, we are with you all the way.
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